12 Stitch Bags to “Disneyfy” Your Summer Wardrobe

Let’s face it: Disney’s Lilo & Stitch made having an alien best friend a Disnerd dream. You may not be able to adopt an intergalactic “dog” in your hometown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some Stitch fashion to your summer wardrobe. Here are 12 Stitch-style bags that can help you add that special Ohana touch to your everyday outfits.

If you ever daydreamed about joining Lilo’s hula class as a kid, this Stitch backpack is the one for you. This accessory is crafted in Stitch’s likeness, complete with a grass skirt and haku lei to give this extraterrestrial a hula twist. Seriously, it’s no surprise Lilo & Stitch fans are letting this mini backpack dance its way into their closets.

What’s summer without a killer summer playlist? Whether you’re bound for the beach or the local grocery store, playing your favorite songs can positively impact your summer mood. This Stitch crossbody bag serves as a stylish reminder to refresh your summer mix with tunes that help you chillax this season. Maybe try some Elvis Presley…

Summer reading lists are another classic staple of the season. After refreshing your book collection, consider the Lilo & Stitch Storytime Ducklings Mini Backpack to help store and carry your top reads to your favorite reading spots. This Loungefly mini backpack features Stitch engulfed in his favorite story, The Ugly Duckling, while being accompanied by a curious crowd of duckling friends. If you think the ducklings on the bag’s exterior design are adorable, just wait until you discover how many ducklings are decorating the bag’s interior.

Need a bag to carry your summer treat allowance? This Lilo & Stitch fanny pack is a convenient and colorful option for storing your spending money, IDs, favorite sunglasses, and other must-have items you need for a quick snack run. Now imagine how much easier chasing the ice cream truck will be.

Fresh fruits like pineapples and berries are some of the best foods summertime has to offer. With this Danielle Nicole bag, even Stitch has his eye on tasty tropical treats. Complete with a crossbody strap and an interior pocket, this Stitch bag is the perfect reminder to include some in-season fruits to meals you can enjoy yourself or share with your besties.

Have you ever spent the afternoon crafting flower crowns, bracelets and bouquets from summer blooms? Stitch and Scrump find joy in the exact hobby in this adorable crossbody purse. After admiring the embroidered flower crowns adorned on Lilo’s closest friends, be sure to take a peek at the pineapple floral design featured on the back of this Disney bag as well as in its interior pink pattern.

Stargazing is an excellent summer hobby, as long as a UFO doesn’t crash land on your homemade observatory. If having out-of-this world style is a one of your summer goals, consider this Loungefly backpack modeled after 626’s Earth escapee spacesuit. Permission to let out a maniacal laugh: granted.

If you’re in the market for a new cooler to store your beach or pool day snacks, Hawaii’s extraterrestrial resident has your back! This cooler tote, which features Stitch having an ice cream break, has a 24-can storage capacity and a cold-friendly insulated interior. Additionally, this handy bag is made from waterproof fabric that helps keep your snacks safe from surprise waves and cannonball competitions.

Cool breezes and tranquil nature sounds are only a couple reasons why summer nights make bedtime hit different. This bag proves even Disney’s most rambunctious characters can’t resist a goodnight’s sleep after a long day of summer fun. Make tucking this slumbering Stitch bag into your wardrobe a dream come true this summer.

With summer heat waves on the horizon, it’s a good time to start planning your next boba drink break. You can now add Stitch to your boba buddylist with this Loungefly mini backpack decorated with a playful Stitch, Scrump and boba pattern. Before grabbing your boba buddy for a midday drink break, pair your outfit with this boba-obsessed accessory that includes stylish faux leather straps and a handy interior pocket.

Sunset orange, sunshine yellow, and flamingo pink are less than a handful of the most well-known shades of summer. Keep these colors and more at your side this summer with the Danielle Nicole Lilo and Stitch Ohana Rainbow backpack. This backpack features exterior and interior zipper pockets, making this bag as convenient for storage as it is colorful.

Lending a helping hand is always in season. This backpack showcases Stitch assisting a sea turtle family to their next island destination. If the gentle gesture isn’t enough to peak your interest, maybe the fact that this bag is a Boxlunch Exclusive will.

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