5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Solo Theme Park Trip

Written by Kat: @Kathleezzzy

1. Do what you want - when you want

Seriously this is the number one thing for me. Freedom- true freedom. I took a solo theme park trip this past January 2021 as an early birthday gift to myself. I’ve done solo trips to the Caribbean and Europe before- but this was my first solo Disney experience. I have to say, I had such an amazing time because I got to plan my dream week in the parks. Anything I wanted to do- I researched and made a plan to do it. Sometimes when planning a trip with the fam and friends your plans can change based on the needs and wants of the group. Not this time… this time it was all me. Some days were planned out in detail and some days I enjoyed the spontaneity of the moment. I felt so free and really swept away by the magic and splendor of the Disney parks and resorts. 

2. Making memories with yourself

I’m a firm believer in creating memories and documenting the experience. The memories you make with yourself are so precious because you are the only one who knows about them. The photos behind your solo trip will tell a story only you will hold. I think there is some magic to the mystery. I had some of the best experiences because I was alone. Cast Members looked out for me and asked me to stand in special zones for the parade so that I would get a chance encounter with Mickey and friends! I got to ride as a single rider almost every ride- making it a breeze to get on everything I wanted… I’m not saying this will happen to you every time, but I am saying that being alone and in the moment- magical things can happen. I will also say the Disney Photopass Photographers are a solo traveler’s best friend! Shout out to my homies on Main Street- they really turned the party. 

3. Time to reflect

When you are alone you have a lot of time to think and sometimes reflect. I thought a lot about my past trips as a child with my family. When you’re in the theme park and you are surrounded by families- it’s kind of hard not to think about your own experience. It made me very sentimental about the memories that have passed and how time is always going by. No moment will ever be the same so you have to cherish it.

4. Meeting new friends unexpectedly

Not only did I meet an IG friend IRL I also made tons of friends each park day whether it was a Cast Member who struck up a friendly conversation with me in Frontierland, a toddler waving at me by the castle, a mom and daughter duo asking me about my cute Loungefly bag in line for the teacups- my motto is I’m here to have a good time and most likely make a friend or two. I’ve even bumped into Instagrammers I love and follow religiously and had such amazing conversations. The point is, you never know who you’ll meet at the Mouse House.

5. Why not?

Really- ask yourself this question. Why not- and if not now then when? My biggest tip for solo theme park travelers is- bring a large supply of hand sanitizer wipes for your phone. When you want to capture the moment and you don’t have a friend nearby ask a friendly stranger and hand them a wipe as a courtesy… it’s a win-win. So what are you waiting for? The park is waiting- seize the day and experience the magic for yourself. You will not regret it.


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