5 Tips for Planning a Disney Trip with Children in Multi Age Groups

As the mom of 6 Kids all ranging from Young Adult, Teen/Tween & School Age; there are times when planning a Disney trip has gotten kinda tricky. The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the years is that…if things don’t go exactly as according to plan; It’s still OK! 

I rallied up the Crew and together we came up with 5 tips that we hope can help you with planning your next Disney trip; whether you have a small group OR a Big one like ours! 

Tip #5: If your next trip will be a road trip don’t forget to plan your music playlist ahead of time whilst making sure to include something for Everyone!

For our family, Road trips are Fun ONLY when the playlist is Jumping! We each have different genres of music that we love BUT there is one that we ALL totally agree on and that is ALL things Disney (let’s face it “I Can’t wait to be King” just hits different when everyone is belting it aloud in a car)! We make sure that the soundtracks from our Favorite Disney shows & movies are all locked and loaded on our playlists and we don’t mind passing the Aux cord if need be! 

Tip #4: Involve everyone in the planning of your trip!

Our crew are ALL very vocal about what we like and what we don’t like (this can be a Pro/Con at times *Insert face palm here*), so to take the burden of having a horrible trip off of us (the parents); we come together as a family and decide what we want to do during our stay. One of the Great things about a Disney trip is that when you’re there the kid inside ALL of us is bound to come out just like “It’s a Small World” being stuck in your head for the rest of your Magical Kingdom Day! 

Tip #3: Plan at least 1 or 2 Character dining meals during your stay.

For those who may not know Character meals are a great way to meet a bunch of different characters all at once, while enjoying a sit down meal with your family on top of not having to stand in long lines (we call that a Win-Win-Win)! This is also a good way to ensure that those who may not be into Character meet and greets aren’t forced to wait in a long line for an experience they aren’t trying to have in the first place. Our families Top Favorite Character Dining experience is Tusker House over in Animal Kingdom. The food is Buffet Style and delicious and we’ve had some of our most favorite experiences with Cast Members and Characters here (I’ll tell you the story one day of how our 2nd daughter got Coffee wasted here and she and Goofy had a dance off.) 

Tip #2: If you have little ones (or even if you don’t) we suggest visiting the parks in the morning and knocking out all the Main attractions you want first, so by afternoon you can take a Nap!

When at Disney with a group, there is BOUND to be someone who is going to get cranky (ie:Me)! Whether if it’s from the Heat, Hunger or just plain ol’ Tired from all that walking and overexertion. We suggest you leave the park for a little while OR find a Show so that you or whomever the Grumpy Dwarf is in your crew, can get a nap in! The hubs and I TOTALLY miss “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” over in Epcot; not because it was a Super Great Ride BUT because it has given us some of the BEST 30 min naps we have ever had in our lives!

Tip #1: MAKE time to Relax & Enjoy your Family!

As much fun as a Disney trip can be; it can also be very exhausting from the time you start to plan until the day you come home your mind is in what we like to call “Disney Mode”. Because of this we have scheduled in an extra day just for downtime for our upcoming trip! We HIGHLY suggest you also make some time to Relax whether if its just hanging at the pool or just doing a little shopping at Disney Springs (Downtown Disney for the West Coast peeps). Whatever you decide Have Fun and just RELAX & Make those memories that are going to last a Lifetime because that is ALL that matters!


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  1. These are great tips, do you have any suggestions for a must see/do for a family’s first trip to disney? We are planning to go in February of 2023 with an 8yr old(girl) and 5yr old(boy). We are planning to be there 5 days(1 day for each disney park and a day for universal). Are there experiences that we as a family of color should put on our to-do list(such as the soulful exhibit, if its still around) and things we should not prioritize(I’m wondering will my daughter get a comparable princess make-over experience as kids with a straighter texture hair)? Though my son likes Disney princess movies, as he gets older his interests are starting to diverge from his sister’s, what are some non princess experiences for a kindergartner? We do plan on using a disney travel agent but I’d like to know things to specifically ask for as a family of color. Thank you!

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