A Dedication to June

Allow me to make one thing clear. June is the Queen Mother. The impact that she has had on this community is incomparable. She has shaped this community and continues to do so. Her vision shines through everything that she does. She is constantly inventing new ways for us to connect, whether it be through blogs, IG lives, zoom calls, workshops, ClubHouse rooms, Twitch livestreams, or her podcast. She is always on top of the game. We are here to give June her roses.  Below you will find photos of June with some of your favorite Disney creators, along with special messages from them. Please note that not all messages align with the photo. Not all of us have been lucky enough to meet in person. 2022 is the year of travel! Anyhow, let us get into this June Appreciation post.

June is technically my first real life Disney friend. I was looking for other people in my city who also loved Disney and by luck I found June. She is one of the best people I know. Outside of Disney. Outside of Instagram. Off the internet. She is a powerhouse of a woman and I love her for just being herself. I appreciate her for creating a space for all of us. And I appreciate her for just being herself. – Tasha, GAW3000

I can’t even begin to explain how much I admire, respect, and appreciate June because she’s more than just a pillar in this community, she’s a great friend. June continues to amaze me with how hard she works to create a fun and safe space for creatives of color to explore their fandoms and share their magic with the world. June is really the glue that has kept us all together during (and even before) this pandemic. I’ve only met June once in person but she’s so charismatic that you could feel her positive energy as soon as she arrives. Thank you so much June for everything that you’ve done to give us this community that has been so beneficial to so many of us. Love you June!! – Bri, EatSeeMagic

June is the reason I started Disney bounding. Never had I seen someone Disney bound like June does. She brings her own flair to it. Her hairstyle, streetstyle and culture references add a unique and distinct feature to every bound she does. I know she has not only inspired me but the entire Black Disney community. – Adriana, BibbidiBobbidi_Broke


I met June through the Afros and Pixie Dust Podcast. I would listen weekly as she interviewed new Disblerds. She has a heart for the Black Disney community and she isn’t afraid to show it. She has built a lot of great bridges that will last for a lifetime. – Eddie

I knew the moment I got dressed up and drove to Disneyland in the rain to meet a stranger that the universe has to be making some magic … and after a whole hour of that stranger being late lol I sat on a bench and waited because I’m never on time lol. Since the day of our Black Panther meet and bound June has been the most motivating, inspiring, force of a friendship I didn’t know I needed. From a stranger to a friend she supports everything I do, even my bad decisions to more than 4 pudding cups lol… and if I ask for anything she is there and I’d do the same for her. As a person who doesn’t like people very much, I’m so glad I went against my norm and met this person because without her, honestly I wouldn’t even know most of the Black Disney creators I know now or have done some of the projects that I’ve created in the past 2-3 years. I love and appreciate you June. -Dom Diva, DomDivaDoesIt

June is an entire movement. I’ve never met someone so effortlessly cool and still so warm and friendly. I know that mom-ing isn’t easy, being an essential worker isn’t easy, being a Disblerd isn’t easy, and yet June manages to slay these different roles and has the AUDACITY to look iconic while she’s doing it. Sis eats and leaves no crumbs and I love her.  – Tiffie, TiffieStarchild

I joined the Disney community last year and immediately I was looking for creators that looked like me. I stumbled upon Afros and Pixie Dust where I discovered June. June immediately started following me and has always been so supportive. She’s encouraged me and so many others to stay true to ourselves on this platform. June is truly the mother of the Black Disney community and has brought so many Black creators together. She truly an icon living !!! – Sage, MagicallySage

Thank you, June, for always making room! Not sure how you wear your many hats, essential worker, wife, mother, daughter, friend, fashion queen, content creator, and plant momma, just to name a few. Even with all that going on, you saw a void in the Disney community, faced it head-on, and made room for creatives of color. As if what you have done on social media wasn’t enough, you host events and find ways for us all to connect even when we can’t be in person. As incredible as you are to our community, it pales in comparison to the love that you pour into K and Judah. When you see them, your eyes dance, and I can say firsthand, it’s been a reminder to us about the parents we want to be. The words “thank you” seem so small given the significant impact you have made in so many lives. Just know we appreciate you, love you, and will continue to celebrate you. – With love, The Rudes, RoadTrippinWithTheRudes

Hey, Ms. June. I hope this proves just how much we love and adore you. I hope you realize the impact that you have had on our experience in this community. You have already done so much to connect us all and I know that you have even bigger things planned. Thank you for being you and dedicating so much of your time and energy into giving us a space to be ourselves completely and unapologetically.  – Angelique Michelle, AngeliqueMagique

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