An Open Letter to Our Community

To everyone who considers themselves
a part of this wonderful community.
Thank you for adding magic to my life.

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021


Dear Blerds,


           There were many years where I did not see myself represented in the Disney community. Not just in film or media, but at the parks and online. Finding this community has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Honestly, I am tearing up as I type this, and if you know me at all then you know that I am not one to show emotion. I have had the honor of speaking with so many like-minded individuals who have welcomed me into their lives even though I am thousands of miles away. There are so many of you who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet! I owe this community a lot. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the projects, bounds, lives, cosplays, collaborations, and videos that you have produced and posted. I should not be though. There is magic in us.

I mentioned that I spoke with like-minded individuals in the community. Please do not think that we are all the same. In some cases, the only things that connect us are our love of a specific fandom. For example, I think Peter Pan is the best villain in the game. Others consider him to be the protagonist. How? I do not understand. It is conversations like these that are being normalized in POC communities and that is the beauty of it. We can now find each other and have these conversations, debates, arguments, and disputes with one another. That is the heart and soul of Afros and Pixie Dust. Bringing our community closer together and making it easier for us to get in where we fit in; and we all fit in here.

I want to take this year to pour as much love as I possibly can into this community because so much love has been poured into me. Many kind words, endless messages in chats, hundreds of hours on Zoom, and so many voice notes that I had to dedicate special time in the mornings just to listen. I have been accepted, inspired, encouraged, and uplifted by this community. It is time that I do the same for each of you. I promise to treat this community and those who belong to it with the kindness and respect that I have been given. I hold each of you in high regard because you each contribute something special to our small piece of the world.

I hope that each of you feel represented and find a home in Afros and Pixie Dust like I have. I have only June to thank for that. She had a vision and pushes for it to come to fruition every day. I am thankful for her dedication to this community and her mission. I also want to take a moment to thank each of you. Thank you for welcoming me into your community. Thank you for sharing your love of Disney, Harry Potter, Anime, Musicals, and whatever it may be, with the world. Thank you for having the courage to be yourselves, unapologetically and unfiltered. Thank you for taking time to converse, argue, debate, explain, comment, and share. Thank you for adding to the magic that is us and the magic that we bring to everything that we touch. Thank you.


With the deepest of respects and love,

4 Responses

    1. Thank you. Our community is such a wonderful corner of the internet. I’m so blessed to have connected with you guys.

  1. You are a gift to us all
    You are a gift to us all
    You are a gift to us all
    You are a gift to us all

    Thank you for being you
    Thank you for being you
    Thank you for being you

    1. Thank you for seeing that in me. It brings me so much joy to know that I have had even the smallest of impacts on someone’s experience here. Thank you for always encouraging me, even when you didn’t realize you were doing it.

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