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December’s Streaming List

We made it to the end of the year. Amazon Prime’s Yearly Departed is a roast of 2021, filled with great comedians. HBO Max says

November’s Streaming List

As you all know November is just the month we have to bare with til Christmas, but the holiday season is coming early with a

October’s Streaming List

Greetings Ghouls and Goblins! Of course a lot of the streaming services are adding a lot of content for spooky season, but they are not

September’s Streaming List

We made it to the end of Summer. Let me repeat that, we made it to the end of Summer. September is the month of

August’s Streaming List

Happy August everyone! I thought the biggest show of the the month will be “What If…?” on Disney+ but HBO Max is dropping all six

July’s Streaming List

We are almost through Summer and you know what that means, Halloween! Spooky Season is around the corner and many steaming services are dropping “Spooky”

June’s Streaming List

Everyone pat yourself on your back, we have made it to the halfway point of 2021. June is known has LGBT Pride Month is the

May’s Streaming List

May is bringing a lot of my favorite childhood movies and some that I have been waiting to see. Netflix has The Land Before Time,

April’s Streaming List

April’s Streaming List We are getting closer to the summer and the streaming services are slowly getting us hyped for all the blockbuster.  Let’s enjoy

March’s Streaming List

Can you believe we are coming up to the year mark of this pana cotta? Thankfully it brought us so many things to stream. We

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