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Family vacations are supposed to be fun, yet planning a family vacation is no joke! By sprinkling a little pixie dust to planning, I’ve gone from doing a thankless job to being the family MVP. So whether you are planning your first Disney trip, a long overdue vacation, or looking to add a little magic to your travel routine, here are my top 5 Walt Disney World planning tips.

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? The Collector Chronicles 

It started with Funkos, a piece of childhood pop culture here, a bit of Disney magic there, and boom…now there’s a Funko room. Then Disney started dropping monthly ears, pins, and mugs in honor of some of my favorite parts of the park. Pre-pan dulce I wasn’t a coffee drinker, now I have a mug collection, and some mornings wonder why no one has thought of an I.V. coffee drip. As for ears, well, I didn’t land on Space Mountain; Space Mountain ears landed on me. 

Soul 2 Soul

We need a win!!!  I remember watching the first trailer, it was early March and 2020 was off to a rough start. We lost Kobe

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