Author: Sheena

Christmas, Tiana, & The MCU

Let Me Tell You! I’m back!! Hi again! 🙂 ….there’s SO much going on yall, I had to circle back quicker than I usually do!

Drinks, Vaccines, and Magicbands

Let Me Tell You! Hey friends! How yall feeling? Its been a minute! I have to shoutout our friends on the West Coast who are

WandaVision, Cookies, & Refunds

Let Me Tell You! Hey Dis fam! I hope that everyone’s 2021 is off to a great start! We are a little over 2 weeks

Spectacular, a Wedding, & Bands?​

Spectacular, a Wedding, & Bands? Hey Yall Hey! Welcome back to Let Me Tell You! Some interesting things have happened since the last time we’ve

Let Me Tell You: Soul Edition

Let Me Tell You! Hey family! Welcome back to another edition of Let Me Tell You! Today we are talking all things Soul in anticipation

Affection, France, and the Holidays

Let Me Tell You! Welcome back to another post of Let Me Tell! There is some exciting news ahead, so lets get into it!  5.

Let Me Tell You

Baby Rhinos, New Signs, & Layoffs Hey Afro and Pixie Dust family! Welcome to “Let Me Tell You”! Here I will be covering 5 news

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