Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Black Girls

Walt Disney World has a lot of amazing experiences, one of the most popular being the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. With two locations, one at Magic Kingdom and another at Disney Springs, your little one can receive a makeover fit for a knight or princess. There are a range of princess packages, they all include hair, makeup, nail polish, and a sash. A mini photo session is available for purchase or included if you have memory maker so your kiddo can stunt for the ‘gram too.

The first thing that came to mind when I thought about booking this experience for my daughter was would they be able to manage her natural hair? I’ve also seen this question asked quite a bit on the various Disney fan groups I belong to. The answers ranged from helpful to…well, I digress. So I thought I’d write about my experience to help other parents out.

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Make Reservations ASAP

First things first. I said it before and I’ll say it again. This is a VERY popular experience at Disney World. If you are even remotely interested in doing this at Magic Kingdom you should call and make a reservation ASAP. Reservations open 180 days in advance and you do not have to have anything else booked before making them. If you want to go to the Magic Kingdom location, you will need a park ticket to get in. The Disney Springs location doesn’t fill up as quickly and you don’t need a park ticket so this is a great option for a non-park day or if the Magic Kingdom location is booked up. You must call (407) WDW-STYLE to make this reservation. When I called it was the moment the phone lines opened and I still had a bit of a wait before I was able to speak with a cast member, so patience is a virtue. The booking process went pretty smoothly, the early morning times were already booked so we went with noon. I was advised to mention to the cast member that I would like a fairy-godmother-in-training who is experienced with styling natural hair but the way my memory is set up (it is slightly better than Dory’s) I totally spaced. I advise writing down any questions you have so you won’t forget and panic trying to reach into the recesses of your brain.

Our Salon Experience

Fast forward to reservation day. My bestie’s mom made a dress for K which she was already wearing when we got to the appointment. I blew her hair out on low heat a bit that morning as well. K had no idea what I had planned so she was over the moon when she realized what was about to happen. Now time for some real talk: there were quite a few guests staring at her with her hair out. While she didn’t notice, but my husband and I did. This made me feel a little uncomfortable at first, but as I have made it a point to encourage her to love herself and her hair no matter what others think, I began to fluff it out even more so they could really have something to stare at! As we sat waiting for her turn, the anxiety started to set in. I started to get a little nervous that the fairy-godmother-in-training wouldn’t appreciate her beautiful mane. Then my eyes fell on Klimmie, a beautiful fairy-godmother-in-training with jumbo box braids fixed into a side pony. With a gospel choir singing hallelujah in my head I made a beeline for her and asked if she would be able to take K and she gladly agreed. And then, I exhaled.

They became fast friends

When it was her turn Klimmie came and took K to her station. K got to choose her hairstyle. Now the control freak in me had to let go because I wanted her to get the fairytale princess bun. She was set on getting the color star hair extensions. How could I, with my 48 inch long ombre green box braids deny her? K was all smiles as she got her hair, makeup and nails done.

Then, it was time for some pixie dust to finish the look!

We thanked Klimmie and headed over to Castle Couture where there is a photopass area for post-makeover pics. She had a full on photoshoot and we even got a family picture.

We spent the rest of the day meeting as many princesses as we could, we even scored a fastpass to meet Tiana which was extra magical given that she was only doing meet and greets for guests with fastpasses.

So, how did her hair hold up? It lasted throughout the day and into the next, then we hit the pool and that was it. Overall the experience was more than worth it, and she still has her sash, bag, comb, makeup and colorful extensions that she still uses when she plays dress up. I’m glad that I didn’t let my apprehensions deter me from letting her have this magical experience and I’ll be forever grateful to Klimmie for making me feel at ease and for helping my princess to shine.

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  1. This is great! Thanks for posting, I always wondered about the options for girls with natural hair like my daughter. She’s 15 now, but still wants to do this on our next visit. Do you know if there’s an age limit?

    1. There is an age limit, children up to 12 years old can get a makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. However, due to popular demand there is a salon at the Grand Floridian that now does princess makeovers for older people who want them!

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