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March 2021 Featured Creators

This month we were able to feature amazing women. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Women’s History Month. If you missed our posts on

February 2021 Featured Creators

Hey guys! Check out Afros & Pixie Dust’s Featured Creators for the month of February. Last month we were able to bring four creators to

Going to Disney during a Pandemic

Disney during a PEMDAS?! Yes, it’s okay to go to Disney during a Pythagorean theorem as long as you are being safe and if you’re

A Dedication to June

Allow me to make one thing clear. June is the Queen Mother. The impact that she has had on this community is incomparable. She has

February’s Streaming List

Welcome to the shortest month of the year and it is packed with content on the streaming services. To celebrate Black History Month, I listed

An Open Letter to Our Community

To everyone who considers themselves a part of this wonderful community. Thank you for adding magic to my life. Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 Dear Blerds,

WandaVision, Cookies, & Refunds

Let Me Tell You! Hey Dis fam! I hope that everyone’s 2021 is off to a great start! We are a little over 2 weeks

Life Lessons: Maleficent Edition

5. What is rightfully yours can never be taken. In the live action, Maleficent loses her wings and eventually gains them back (spoiler). This is

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