Crafting Your Fandom

Written by Mac Cox: @MACoutureCrafting

Hey guys it’s your Girl Mac Cox from M A Couture Crafting with a blog post for Afros and Pixie Dust.

Who am I?  I am a Creative and a lover of color who is also a Disney fan, and the older the get the more I realize how much of a Blerd /Disblerd I am. One of the reasons I love Disney is because it is so magical, colorful, light, and fluffy.  One of my favorite things to say is “just go with the magic“ (don’t over analyze everything to death). I am also a retired makeup artist that is an avid crafter specializing in paper crafts and my newest love…QUILTING (my quilting style is nontraditional). 

I rarely bound (Ursula, Cruella) with clothing but instead I express my fandoms in crafty ways for example, I might make a pair of earrings that are Disney themed, or a quilted post card in the colors of my favorite princess. I use my skills as a makeup artist to makeup bound where I pick eye shadow colors to represent my favorite Disney characters. My two favorite eye shadow bounds are rainbow unicorn and Sleeping Beauty.  Two of my favorite crafty creations are the Disney hat box that looks like the Disney 2019 pride hat and my custom Harry Potter wand.

I started my crafty You Tube channel because I noticed that there were not a lot of POC hands crafting and even now there are not very many main stream black fabric designers.  I want to be the change that I want to see in the world. My message to everyone is that you can find many ways to express your fandom do not be afraid to bound outside of the box.  My challenge to you is try a craft to express your fandom and tag me in your post. 

Special thanks to Afros and Pixie Dust for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful project

Mac Cox

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