Dashing for Beignets at Port Orleans Resort

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One family trip to Disney World I had the crazy idea of getting up early on our “off” day to run the Beignet Dash. What is the Beignet Dash? It’s a 1.5 mile fun run that happens every Sunday at Port Orleans Resort. My daughter, aka my ride-or-die, was so excited to do it that I somehow found the energy to get up and make it to the 7:30 AM registration time.

Beignet Dash Course

One doesn’t simply get up and dash. I had hoped to get a little exercise in while we were there (because walking the equivalent of a half marathon every day in the parks isn’t enough) so I came prepared. I originally had planned to log in a 5K for the runDisney virtual summer shorts but this was going to have to do; so out came the Mrs. Incredible two piece active wear set I had gotten from hot topic. Not to be out done, K opted for her “Incredible Saintils” shirt and some black leggings.

Tired but ready to dash!

My super power is getting lost. With not much time to spare we were able to successfully navigate our way to the registration area by the Doubloon Lagoon Pool. There we signed a few waivers, paid our $15 (plus tax) registration fee, received water and our bibs which doubled as our beignet voucher at the end of the race.

This alligator is serving face!
Let’s Dash!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, why would anyone run for food when you could just go to the food court and buy some? Well, we did it for a couple reasons. For one, I’ve been wanting to visit the Port Orleans resorts for quite some time now. This run was the perfect “walking tour” of both the French Quarter and Riverside areas. We ran along the Sassagoula river and took in the beautiful scenery. We passed the dock where Boatwrights restaurant was, then circled back around down the carriage path back to where we started.

Buildings overlooking the Sassagoula River
Boatwrights Restaurant

The true highlight of the fun run was the cast members that we interacted with throughout the race. One in particular, Lauren, biked along side K and I for pretty much the entire race. She chatted with us as we trotted along and stopped to get a closer look at the different facades. Little did we realize, she was the “sweeper” (there’s no time limit for the run, she was just there to make sure everyone finished and in case anyone needed assistance). We were having such a good time we didn’t realize everyone else had already finished the race! K had enough left in her to run the home stretch in grand fashion and we were rewarded with Mardi Gras style medals, streamers, and balloons. Then it was off to pick up our beignets!

Finishing in grand style!
Where the beignets at?!

The Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory has a beignet station where we received three beignets packaged to go. We presented the bottom portion of our bib to the cashier as our voucher and headed back to our resort to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Beignet time!

Although we didn’t eat them right away, the beignets were still hot and soft and very delicious when we ate them in our hotel room. We were nice enough to share them with the boys, and I’m sure now that they’ve tried them I’ll be able to convince them to run with us next time!

Our medal!
Time to eat!

Is there a food you would consider running for? Let me know in the comments!

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