Podcast Episode 12: Main Street Dad

In this episode I talk to Irv, a father of three and Walt Disney World local. He is a late comer to the park life but has definitely made up for lost time in the past three years. We discuss how visiting the parks helped intensify his Disney fandom and his favorite things to do in the parks with his children.

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Irv is the Disney lover behind the MainStreetDad Instagram account. He and his wife Tabitha are both Disney obsessed. You’re guaranteed to catch them on Main Street at least once a week. They have three children. Carter, Levi and Scarlett, ages 8, 4, 3. They took their first trip to Disney as a family a little over three years ago and it’s been non stop ever since. They moved from Atlanta to the Orlando area last summer for a career opportunity (the fact that Winter Garden FL is only a 15 min drive to the magic kingdom definitely swayed their decision.) He’s a true believer in doing what makes you truly happy and few things make him happier than spending time with his family at the most magical place on earth (preferably in front of the Trolley Show on Main Street USA).

The POC owned business mentioned in this episode is Living our Ridiculous Dreams.

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