February 2021 Featured Creators

Hey guys! Check out Afros & Pixie Dust’s Featured Creators for the month of February. Last month we were able to bring four creators to the forefront of our community and show off some of their amazing creativity. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

Of course we kicked off this project by featuring the creator herself, Ms. June! June has shaped this community in so many ways and we are all appreciative. Be sure to check out her Instagram where she serves us with effortless and incredible bounds. 

Eddie showcasing his Black Boy Joy is just what we needed to celebrate this month and every month! Be sure to check out his Instagram where he showcases his talent, creativity, and hosts DisFren Live every week with his friend, Domo! Don’t forget to check out his art work and commission a few pieces, Instagram.

We love Dana Kay.  Not only is see serving looks on Instagram but she also has a Blog where she breaks downs attractions, holidays, and how to bring Disney to your home. Be sure to check out her content and show her some love.

Domo is another leader in our community. She is the co-founder of BlackGirlDisney, an Instagram account that showcases Black joy in fandoms. Be sure to check out her personal Instagram account where she shows off her style, curls, and amazing personality. 

We hope you guys enjoyed seeing this creators featured on our Instagram page. Be sure to check back every Monday to see who we’re featuring. You’ll be able to get to the creator through a series of posts, stories, and even a Q&A. See y’all next month.

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