I figured I should start off this blog by introducing myself. I’m June; I’m a mom to Kimiko (K) and Judah (J), wife to Woody (W), and a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) – what’s that? I take care of babies in the Neonatal ICU. I’m also a Disney fan (I call myself a “Disblerd”) and a huge kid at heart. I love to have fun and use my imagination and Disney is the perfect muse. I also try to sprinkle a little pixie dust into everything I do. Am I the biggest Disney fan in the world? Depends on who you ask. So, why this blog? Well, after going back and forth about starting one, I decided that if even just one person relates to what I have to say or if my posts help one individual or family with their Disney questions then it would have been worth it. So, here we go!

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