July 2021 Featured Creators

In July we were able to bring four wonderful creators to our platform. These creators specialize in Harry Potter, Marvel, and Disney content. Be sure to check them out and future featured creators on our Instagram

Meet Jamonica

Jamonica was our first featured creator this month. She specializes in lifestyle, food, and skin care. She also has some amazing movie and book reviews on her website. Make sure you check her out there and on Instagram

Meet Briona

Meet Briona. On her Instagram you can find personal style, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and other content for different fandoms. She aligns more with Disney villains and all things dark, spooky, and magical. Check out her blog on how to use your quirks to connect with likeminded individuals.

Meet Maecy

This is Maecy. She’s a lover of dancing, bounding, and creating fun edits. She’s a huge fan of Zelda, Merida, and all things Anime. You can check her out on YouTube and Instagram

Meet Taylor

Taylor is an artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She finds inspiration from different cultures aims to share that inspiration through art therapy. You can connect with her on Instagram. Don’t forget to read her blog  where she discusses the importance of BIPOC creators and representation on social media platforms. 


We hope you enjoyed getting to know these creators a little more. There are many of us in this community and we love being able to highlight amazing creators, even if we are just grazing the surface.

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