June 2021 Featured Creators

This month we highlighted four fantastic women in our community. From teachers to stylist to business owners, you were sure to connect with someone who curates content that inspires you. Be sure to check them out and future featured creators on our Instagram

Meet Taylor

Taylor is a beauty blogger and style creator. Taylor’s Instagram feed is filled with melanin magic. She showcases her Disney style is subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Let’s just be honest. The woman is a style ICON! Be sure to check out her website for more.

Meet Carlanda

Carlanda is a phenomenal teacher who has over ten years experience in the classroom. She finds different ways to incorporate Disney into the classroom and that’s how she got the name, “The Magical Teacher”. Carlanda recently started a small business that sells handcrafted jewelry. You can check her out on Instagram and shop her pieces on her website. You can also book her for speaking engagements and consulting. 

Meet Janelle

Janelle is a creator for all things sneakers, streetwear, and fandoms. She creates content not only geared towards Disney, but Harry Potter and Anime. Janelle recently started a small business during the Panini. HRS.ByJay is a minimalistic lifestyle brand that seeks to normalize conversations about sex. Be sure to check the brand and Janelle out on Instagram

Meet Jai

Jai is a former Disney College Program student and current Hogwarts student, representing for the Gryffindor House. Her Instagram feed is full of cute bounds, solo trips, and lots of magic. Be sure to connect with her. She’s bound to have interesting opinions seeing as how she’s lived on both coasts. 


We hope you enjoyed getting to know these creators a little more. There are many of us in this community and we love being able to highlight amazing creators, even if we are just grazing the surface.

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