Life Lessons: Maleficent Edition

5. What is rightfully yours can never be taken.

Maleficent #5

In the live action, Maleficent loses her wings and eventually gains them back (spoiler). This is one piece of evidence that shows that no one can take what is rightfully yours. If it is intended for you then no one can utilize it the way you can. Ease your mind on things like this. 

4. Think before you act.

Maleficent #4

We reap what we sow. We’ve all heard this before. Once you decide to act on something then you must be willing to accept what follows. Maleficent cursed a child and then had the nerve to get upset when she couldn’t undo it. We don’t accept buyer’s remorse over here. Think before you act. 

3. Don't allow others to suffer due to your pain.

Maleficent #3

We all have bad days. Honestly, we all have terrible days where no one should speak to us, interact with us, or even look at us funny. That does not give us the right to make others suffer. Maleficent was traumatized. Her pain ran deep. Hurt people hurt people. That did not give her the right to take her anger out on Aurora or the Moor folk.  The transformation that the Moors went through before and after Maleficent lost her wings is tragic. Maleficent hurt the very beings that she vowed to protect. That is what trauma does. It causes you to inflect pain and darkness on others and that is never okay. 

2. You deserve decency and respect.

Maleficent #2

Diaval did not owe Maleficent his life. I don’t care what kind of old-world life debt you want to bring into play. Maleficent used him. She transformed him into things that he was not and did not treat him with the respect that he deserved as a living being. If someone is not showing you respect, then that’s an issue that you need to fix by walking away. It does not matter how much they have helped you. Everyone deserves to be treated with decency and kindness. 

1. You are not entitled to anyone's time, space, or energy.

Maleficent #1

Let’s kick it old school and go back to Sleeping Beauty. Allow me to be honest for a few moments. Please. You are not entitled to people’s time, space, or energy. Do I need to repeat myself? You are not entitled to people’s time, space, or energy. Understand? Maleficent was not invited to the christening for a reason. She does not have a positive relationship with anyone there. The fact that she showed up unannounced, unwelcomed, and with an attitude shows her sense of entitlement. Maleficent was not entitled to King Stephen’s time, space, or energy, and neither are you. Check that attitude at the door.

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