March 2021 Featured Creators

This month we were able to feature amazing women. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Women’s History Month. If you missed our posts on Instagram then that is okay. Check out the creators below.

Meet Tasha

Tasha is a professional make-up artist. Her Wake-Up Wednesday Lives are the best place to get tips, tricks, and good recommendations when it comes to skin care and make-up application. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her website.

Meet Maya

Maya is an amazing lifestyle blogger. Her topics cover much needed gift guides for the Holidays to letters to her previous self. You can check out her blog or her presets. Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram.

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten shares with us her “magic inspired style”. She’s a blogger, TikTokker (is that what the kids are calling it these days), Pinner, and YouTuber. Our favorite place to follow along is Instagram. Be sure to check her out.

Meet Bri

Okay now. Bri likes to “keep it real in these fairytale streets” and we appreciate her for it. Bri is an amazing Disney vlogger who gives us the real tea on food & beverage, and current events at the parks. You can follow along on YouTube to stay in the know for that, and check her out on Instagram to catch one of her freestyles.

Meet Nikki

No one does Disney style with a vintage twist quite like Ms. Darling Nikki. If you’re a girly girl who loves to throw down in the kitchen then Nikki is the creator for you. (Personally, I’m neither of those things but I still like to follow along to pretend that I got it like that.) Be sure to check her out on Instagram to see her great style and cooking tips. 

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