May 2021 Featured Creators

In May we were lucky enough to bring you five fantastic women creators. Each of our featured creators bring new and content to the Disney community. They each show their love of the fandom with very distinct content that speaks to their style and personality. Be sure to check them out and future creators on our Instagram

Meet Teia

Teia is known for her amazing Disney style and her creative flat lays. The outfits that she styles are perfect for at park inspiration or everyday wear. Be sure to check her out on Instagram.

Meet Danielle

Danielle has brought back our love of beaded bracelets. Her shop, Designed in Neverland, features the cutest customizable beaded bracelets. Be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Meet Domonique

Domonique has to be one of the most talented artists that we know. Not only that, her bounds are undefeated. You can shop her creations on Society 6, where she sells prints, coffee mugs, trays, masks, housewares, clothing, and phone accessories. Follow her on Instagram and you might be lucky enough to catch her when commissions are open. 

Meet Tia

Tia brings us bounds and laughs with her content. Her Tik Toks and Reels are uplifting, funny, and keeps it real when it comes to raising six children. We are here for all of the life lessons and advice that this super woman can provide. Be sure to check her out on Instagram.

Meet Mac

Meet Mac. Mac is a make up artist and master crafter. She bounds creatively but using different eye shadows in the same color palette of a character. You can check her out on Instagram and YouTube

I hope you enjoyed our featured creators this month. We feature a different creator every week on Instagram and don’t forget to keep up with our weekly blog posts.

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