My Own Fairytale Wedding

Written by Maya: @MagicallyMaya

As someone who used to journey to Walt Disney World multiple times a year, not setting foot in MCO and hearing Buddy Dyer welcome me to The City Beautiful for over one year has been odd, to say the least. I’ve let my annual pass expire, with no plans to renew. In a pre-2020 “normal” year, I certainly would’ve renewed, but for me right now, it just doesn’t make any sense. Aside from the responsibility I have right now to avoid unnecessary out of state leisure travel, especially to a crowded theme park, I have a new, exciting, and also expensive adventure ahead – I’m getting married!

At the beginning of January, my college sweetheart proposed! Ironically, the day he proposed was actually the one-year anniversary of our last flight for the foreseeable future – our trip home from WDW. Going to the parks together has been such a fun thing for us to do over the years, and those who know us have of course asked if we’ll be having a “Disney wedding!” And the short answer is: no. While we won’t be tying the knot anywhere near Disney property, or having anything mouse-shaped at the big day, there are a few, tiny, fun things we may  incorporate as a nod to our favorite theme park. For anyone else looking for a way to add a little touch of that magic to their wedding or event, here are a few ideas!


Disney of course, has beautiful love songs! You can find instrumental covers of your favorites, and play them (or have you live artists play them) before, during, and/or after you walk down the aisle! Here’s a playlist with a handful of songs to get started!

Food & Favors

If your caterer is flexible with dessert options, or you’re doing a food favor – think of incorporating your favorite snacks from the parks! Churros, popcorn, soft pretzels, cotton candy, and anything in between. Be sure to check out Wonderpuff, a Black owned artisanal cotton candy company!

Dress, Shoes, & Jewelry

It’s no secret that Disney has captured the wedding market. From being able to get married on property, honeymoon at one of their resorts around the world, to engagement rings, dresses, and quite literally anything wedding-related you can think of: they have it. Though I won’t be having a “Disney Fairytale Wedding,” I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t looked at their dresses and fallen in love with a few. Certainly pulling some inspiration from Cinderella, I’m looking for that shoe – the perfect fit, my own glass slipper, if you will. The Disney x Aldo collaboration, though mostly sold out on the site now, has great inspiration at a reasonable price. On the rather unreasonable end though, definitely looking for a dupe of something from the Jimmy Choo Cinderella Collection.


So while I won’t be having the ~traditional~ Disney Fairytale Wedding, it’s certainly going to be absolutely magical, and I can’t wait to share how the vision finally comes together!

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