Use Your Passion to Fuel You

Written by Mariah: @MariahLHarrison

Passion is underrated.

Passion is the jolt of energy you get when you do something that excites you — that’s the simplified version of something Oprah said but it gets the point across — and the thing about passion that I have to keep reminding myself is that real passion, the real energy that can carry me through the end of any task/collaboration/project can only come from me. All other energy sources are fleeting. 

I'll explain.

Taking longer than necessary to set the details on a photo shoot but brainstorming and finishing 1-3 ideas in between. Feeling excited when I would put 9 bounds together for a challenge and raise my engagement — but one week later I’ll struggle to keep that aesthetic up, take a week off posting, and start doubting whether or not my feed reflected me. 


I can only speak for myself, but the smile that sets in when I see my notifications, and the rush to create something else and hone those numbers — it feels more like adrenaline. A fast, fun high and an even quicker drop. 

I had no idea why I dragged my feet on collaborations I thought I wanted, and knew I was appreciative to have. I didn’t know why I took days…weeks off instagram usually after having a good streak of engagement. Adrenaline fades. Anxiety sets in. Adrenaline is a cheap battery, and I’m still learning not to fuel anything I want to last on it.

Boundaries help, and setting intention helps — but ABOVE ALL calling it what it is helps because avoiding stressors is easy, but picking up the pieces of something I should have addressed a while ago is a lot harder. 

So, I guess if you take anything away from reading this blog … try and check your passion battery every once in a while and see if you need a recharge.


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